PARADIGM Objectives

PARADIGM will create the foundations for a powerful, cost effective and versatile foundry platform in Europe. This will lead to a dramatic reduction of fabrication, packaging and testing costs as well as the development time of Application Specific Photonic ICs and thereby pave the way for the breakthrough of the large-scale application of photonics in our daily lives.

Covering the complete product creation process from idea to product, from research to manufacturing, PARADIGM targets the following objectives:

  • Technology convergence and roadmapping. Three highly capable industrial technology platforms will be created, covering the major part of today’s and future application areas.
  • Create methods and tools. New working methods and tools will be developed to decouple the design work from the fabrication technology and to bring the design of photonic integrated components to a higher level of abstraction.
  • Set up generic packaging and testing. Allowing a variety of different components and systems, a generic packaging approach for both low and high port count components will be created and standardized in-line and off-line test methods to characterize and prove the performance of the products that will be developed.
  • Exploit and disseminate the project results. The PARADIGM InP foundry platform will be brought into the public domain, covering research institutes, SMEs and large companies to reach full awareness of the potential of ASPICs for their businesses and therefore enlarge the potential application areas of photonics. In addition the project will provide access to the created generic platforms for the project’s Applications Group by offering several multi project fabrication runs.