Applications Group

PARADIGM will work with an external Applications Group of interested parties.

The PARADIGM consortium has, through a call for proposals, brought together an Applications Group, with which it will work closely during the course of the project, and which will be expanded through an active dissemination policy.  Periodically, PARADIGM will invite interested parties to join its applications group through open calls by proposing pilot applications.  The term applications partner is applied broadly to any academic group, institute or commercial company, small or large, which has the potential for using PICs in its technology.

PARADIGM will through its applications group address the design requirements of a number of challenging ASPICs to verify the potential of the generic foundry approach in for real applications.  The applications have been selected from the response to an open call for application which has been distributed to a selected set of users via the JePPIX platform and national Photonics Clusters. We were delighted by the level of interest in the foundry runs and the diversity of applications represented.  We will select as large a set of applications as possible, not only to ensure that the platforms are tested against the widest possible range of requirements but also to facilitate dissemination of the generic foundry concept.

Through contact with the consortium potential application partners and users will gain insight into how a generic foundry could work for them, and be given assistance with translating their requirements into an InP technology context in return for feedback on the generic process.

Interaction between the consortium and the partners and users will be policed via a standard two way NDA specifically designed for this purpose. It's contents can be viewed here.

If you are interested in joining our user group for PARADIGM, EuroPIC, or JePPIX then please visit the JePPIX website:

If you are interested in the PARADIGM Applications Group then please contact either David Robbins or Richard Penty, directly.

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