This project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC This project is funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC
The PARADIGM project is coordinated by COBRA The PARADIGM project is coordinated by COBRA

About Paradigm

Project Aim

PARADIGM will create a paradigm shift in the development and manufacturing of photonics integrated components based on Indium Phosphide (InP). This shift will result in cost effective and versatile design, manufacturing and packaging based on generic foundry processes as described in the ICT-Photonics Call 5: 2009.3.7.b: “Cost-effective versatile foundry processes for photonics integrated components based on III-V semiconductors possibly combined with other materials”. This project, with a strong cross European consortium consisting of leading industrial and academic players, will pave the way for the world’s first generic photonic foundry business and enable photonic ICs to become widely used in various application fields.


Project Concept: generic integration technology

Despite large investments through national and international projects in Europe, America and the Far East, integrated photonics hasn’t fully redeemed its promises, yet. With PARADIGM this will change. The project concept is as simple as brilliant: create generic integrated technology for the research, development and manufacturing of Application Specific Photonic ICs (ASPICs).  Instead of optimizing the fabrication technology for every specific application, the product design will be adapted to the capabilities of available, mature, high performance fabrication processes using the same methodology to photonics that allowed micro-electronics to change the world.


PARADIGM Objectives

PARADIGM will create the foundations for a powerful, cost effective and versatile foundry platform in Europe. This will lead to a dramatic reduction of fabrication, packaging and testing costs as well as the development time of Application Specific Photonic ICs and thereby pave the way for the breakthrough of the large-scale application of photonics in our daily lives.

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The JePPIX family: Inter-relationship between programmes EuroPIC and PARADIGM

PARADIGM and EuroPIC are FP7 funded research programmes which are related to the JePPIX platform initiative.

In Photonics, people have been working for several years towards commercial foundry activities for three different technologies, identified as the most important integration technologies by the FP6 Network of Excellence ePIXnet.  Together they cover a large part of the PIC applications space.

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Addressing New Markets

The PARADIGM consortium has, through a call for proposals, brought together an Applications Group, with which it will work closely during the course of the project, and which will be expanded through an active dissemination policy. PARADIGM expects to be able to address a variety of markets in which the costs of PICs are presently prohibitive for broad application. In the Applications Group we have pilot applications which are representative of different markets with a potential for large growth: sensors, data-interconnect, telecommunications, signal processing and gas sensing. These markets are discussed in some detail below.  Our target is to expand the Europe-wide group of potential users dramatically by the end of the project.

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